Memorable Multiplayer First Person Shooting Experience By Pixel Gun 3D Game

There are a lot of virtual games available on the internet which is free to download and enjoy but I found that Pixel Gun 3D could only give the most memorable multiplayer first person shooting experience. It is one of those games which bring both survival and shooting experience to the iphones and ipads, only in much better way than all the other games. The features are good and eye captivating, the sound system is appropriate and the animation could not have been better.In short, I found this game to be the best in the block which provided me with ultimate shooting experience.

Pixel Gun 3D comes in two different modes of play. One is single player mode and the other is the multiplayer mode. I found single player mode is a bit boring as compared to the multiplayer mode which is not only very exciting but also provided me with lot of options and opportunities to kill more enemies. More importantly, I liked multiplayer mode even more as I could not only play it locally but could also play it globally with the help of internet. Though the basic feature of the game is the same in both the mode, which is to shoot, reload and jump to proceed, single player mode deals with only survival campaigns which I found was better for training purpose.

Pixel Gun

I feel that the multiplayer mode is the most contributing factor for the immense popularity of Pixel Gun 3D game. This is the mode where the game actually shines. It provided me with all the necessary elements that I expected to have as a shooter. I could run around the maps to get the set number of kills. I also had a wider variety of weapons to choose from as compared to the single player mode. Apart from it I also found various user created contents like different maps and player sprites in the game.

Well the survival mode did train me to be the fittest among my enemies and to make more kills. Though it is not as entertaining as the multiplayer mode, it providedme with the right kind of practice to aim the guns, shoot at the right time so that I could make more kills and score more points. I got the feel of all the zombies, spiders and ghouls along with all other creatures of the night which I wiped off easily in this mode.I found the baddies to move around better and eventually swarm and make the kills. Ammos are also limited and I had to use the pixel gun 3d hack apk to have the resources to buy the ammo.

Availability of more enemies, proper aiming and shooting, high scoring opportunity, wider range of weapons has made the multiplayer mode so popular but as I could tinker with the automatic sprite customization, I found it very unique and exciting as well. Apart from the bland and boring single player mode, I found Pixel gun 3D can give the most enjoyable shooting experience in the multiplayer mode only.

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