Weight Loss for Dummies

(Edit – 07/02/12:  This has been a very interesting few hours since I published this blog post.  I’ve received messages from a lot of people supporting my stance on weight loss and exercise, and several who thought this blog post was a personal attack towards some friends of mine who are proponents of the HCG Diet, the weight loss method in question.  Some who left comments even went as far as asking me to remove the blog post on account of that.  I won’t remove the post, because I believe what I wrote is true, however, I will say that I did not intend to upset any friends on account of this.  I think this diet is dangerous, unhealthy, and does not fix whatever the underlying problem is with weight gain/lack of weight loss.

One of my primary motivations behind this is in regards to the “performance enhancement” of it.  You take the drug, your results are enhanced.  You may not be doing it for an edge in competition, but there’s nothing different, in my opinion, between this and weightlifters, cyclists, football players, or baseball players taking any banned substance to gain an edge, physically.  Especially right now, with doping scandals surrounding Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France (they’re bound to happen this year…), this is a timely subject for me to talk about.

Since the blog post was published, I have found a few articles regarding the use of HCG as a weight loss tool.   I have posted the links at the end of this post.)

I was shaking hands with a friend of mine today at church, and he said, “Dude… you’ve been losing a lot of weight!”  I thanked him for noticing and told him that it was because I’ve been riding my bike more.  Over the last year and a half, I’ve been focusing more on work, school, and family, and I’ve gotten away from my normal routine of riding my bike.  Like I mentioned in a previous post (Training Time!), I set a goal, have been riding a lot more recently. I’ve been dropping weight (~15 lbs, so far), I’m not having any problems with gout, blood pressure, or any other medical condition, and I’m extremely happy with myself, as a result.

So, instead of using drugs or some bunk medical weight loss technique (like is being pushed on a lot of my close friends and family lately) to trick your mind and body into thinking you’re in famine-mode, then eating only 500 calories a day (of course you’d lose weight… you’re not feeding yourself), and have to limit your exercise (because you’re only eating 500 calories a day), why not buck up, do some legitimate exercise, eat smarter, and see what happens.  When you hear that hunger voice creep up, say “Shut up, stomach, and do what I tell you to do…”  Work harder and deny yourself a little of that “comfort food” that you used to chow down on.

And don’t give me the excuse, “But it’s a natural hormone!”  It’s not a natural hormone… YOUR body isn’t making that hormone, YOU bought that hormone online from India, and YOU’RE A DUDE and it’s a pregnancy hormone.  It’s no different than any other human growth hormone or steroid you order under the radar.  You take the drug, and it fools your body into doing something you weren’t naturally created to do for enhanced performance or physical results.

I’ve been biting my tongue about this for long enough.  I’m sick of seeing my friends and family deceived by people getting them to buy into this snake-oil they’re trying to sell.  If you’re happy with what you’re doing to your body (for all you medically-enhanced folks out there…), then great… I’m sure the end-result is worth it for you.  If you feel even the least bit wrong about the way you’re achieving your weight loss… you’ve probably got a conscience and realize that taking a short-cut is not the right answer for making a healthy lifestyle change.

I care about you all too much (and that goes for anyone reading this) not to tell you to quit being a junkie, stop letting these drugs and these fading promises of quick results hold you hostage, and get off your duff and work a little harder.  You’ll save money and enjoy life a little more… I guarantee it.

(Edit:  Here are some links I found regarding the HCG diet.  These are NOT articles published by HCG proponents or manufacturers.  These are as fair and balanced articles as I could find, explaining both sides of the story, courtesy of US News & World Report, the Federal Drug Administration, ABCNews.com and WebMD.com.)

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