Pro Gold Bikes – Best Lubes/Cleaners in the Business


Best lubes/cleaners in the business

For the last several years, I’ve been using Pro Gold Bikes products for all my maintenance needs. I’ve known the National Marketing Rep, Bruce Dickman, for many years from my time working in Georgia, home base for Bruce and Pro Gold Manufacturing.  In 2012, I was working for CTS at the Tour of California Race Experience camp, under-equipped, as far as supplies go.  We had no lubes, bike stands, or anything… just tools and tents.  While building bikes in the parking lot of our hotel in Santa Rosa, I see the Pro Gold Sprinter van roll up.  Out pops Bruce, saying, “What do you need? I’ve got the best stuff on the market for you.” He was correct.

Bruce sells Pro Gold lubes, but he doesn’t really have to “push” them.  They really sell themselves. The products are excellent, and when used properly, they outperform most other lubes on the market.  I’ll list a few of my favorites right now, including why I like each, and I’ll probably do more in-depth posts on others in the future.  Here goes:

  1. Pro Gold Xtreme Chain Lube – Everyone likes a chain lube that’s doesn’t add a lot of friction, like some wax-based or “wet” lubes, but more times than not, when you find that lube, it’s very thin and requires a higher frequency of application.  Pro Gold Xtreme is the holy grail of chain lubes. It’s thick enough that it won’t wear off, not too “gunky,” and gets very high mileage.  On the Race Across America in 2013, I lubed my team’s chains in California, and didn’t have to re-apply until Colorado. Not bad, I’d say.
  2. Pro Gold Foaming Citrus Degreaser – I got my hands on this stuff at the Tour of California in 2013. This has got to be the easiest degreaser I’ve ever used. Our crew was responsible for 25 bikes, and we rolled into the hotel later than expected. We quickly started an assembly line. Bikes were passed to my stand, I applied the Foaming Citrus Degreaser to the drivetrain, rolled the bikes to the next stand, and by the time they hit the next mechanic, the foam had cleaned off all the grease. A quick rinse and lube application, and the bikes were ready to put back on the trailer.
  3. Pro Gold Pro Towels – These are, hands down, my FAVORITE Pro Gold product.  They absolutely saved my butt during Race Across America.  Before the new riders would start on each shift, we had to prepare their bikes.  The ritual I went by was to pump the tires to appropriate pressure, wipe down the chain/drivetrain with a Pro Towel, go over it with a dry rag, then apply Pro Gold Xtreme Lube. It worked like a charm. ZERO mechanicals for the entire 3000 mile race and a 3rd Place in the Men’s 4-Man Team division.  If you’re using Pro Towels in a shop, a quick wipe-down of the drivetrain and the frame of the bike will take you just a few seconds, but adds value to the service you perform. A clean-looking bike with an immaculate drivetrain will out-perform a dirty one any day. Pro Towels make that easy for you. Work smarter, not harder.

There are lots of other great products that Pro Gold makes, and I wish I had time to talk about all of them.  As I mentioned, I’ll save that for later. Special thanks to Bruce and Pro Gold Bikes for all their support over the years. They don’t pay me for write-ups like this. I just want to get the word out, simply because THE PRODUCTS WORK. Check them out at or by asking your local bike shop to order some for you.

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