Here are a few brief testimonials and recommendations from clients, customers, and friends:

“I’ve known Josh as a mechanic and advisor on several two-wheeled and accessory purchases for several years. His insight and ease is not only confident and instructive, it was also proven right every time. My entire family now rides together in part because of the relationship I had with Josh to seek advice as my spouse and kids each took the plunge into cycling.

On a different note, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Josh in a philanthropic matter on a cycling event to raise funds for cystic fibrosis. His generous time and skill were invaluable and the much-praised annual event is better for his time.”

-Justin M., Canton GA

“Josh Boggs is a great guy.  When I would go and see him about nutrition products, he would advise me on which  was the best.  He also took care of my stepfather’s bike when he came to visit, and he has helped my father in law with his bike numerous times, and done a phenomenal job at it. They both tell me that Josh is great at what he does. When I get my next bike, he will the first person I go to for advice on it .”

-Jonathan J., Woodstock, GA

“Josh Boggs has helped me in his capacity as a mechanic and cycling consultant for six years.  As an attorney and masters racing cyclist, I present particular challenges to any mechanic:  I am generally too stubborn and arrogant to let anyone work on my bike until it’s too late . . . . MUCH too late.   By the time I seek professional assistance, the damage has been done . . . big time.  Josh has always managed to get my bikes running smoothly again despite my ignorance, neglect or abuse.  He does quality work with efficiency and, most importantly to me, a great  attitude.  He also works well with vendors/manufacturers  to remedy warranty issues and his product knowledge is excellent.”

– Neil K., Atlanta, GA

“Josh Boggs has provided excellent service to me for both my road and a mountain bike over the past several years.  The fitting of my road bike was perfect and I never had any issues with the bike.  Josh has also done various repairs and adjustments to my bikes.  Josh is very knowledgable and provides excellent customer service.”

– Tim F., Canton, GA

“I can’t say enough about what a pleasure it is to do business with Josh Boggs.  Josh is a gifted salesperson who listens to his customer’s needs and treats them with honesty and respect.  Josh is a consummate professional and a joy to interact with.  I’ve “followed” Josh to different bike shops as his career progressed, because his technical expertise and knowledge of the industry are unmatched.”

– Corey B., Canton, GA

“Having been away from cycling for several years, Josh advised and assisted me to buy a new bicycle, associated kit and get back on the road.  From our initial contact I was impressed with the depth of Josh’s cycling knowledge and expertise.  Additionally, he was totally devoted to customer service and was willing to spend time to make sure the patrons of his shop were satisfied with the equipment he sold them. This attitude extended to maintenance and service after the sale.  Josh was never too busy to provide expert advice and assistance to local cyclists…  It is a testament to Josh that many of us were willing to travel several hours to Georgia to avail ourselves of his service and advise.
Josh Boggs is a total professional.  The depth of his cycling knowledge and expertise is impressive.  He is dedicated to providing the absolute best service to his customers/clientele.  His presence in your company/organization will gurantee success.  His integrity and personal values are above reproach.  Hire him.”

– Bob H., Seneca, SC

After several years on my Felt F80, I had finally committed to get a true bike fit.  I was experiencing the typical numb hands and occasional neck issues after long rides.  My brilliant wife decided she was tired of listening to me whine and instructed me to do something or be quiet.  As a member of the VeloReviews Online Community, I had heard Josh on the podcast and had the good fortune that he was local for me.  Josh spent the better part of two hours, checking my flexibility, taking measurements, making adjustments, etc. 

 I had not realized how ill fitting my bike had been.  When Josh was finished, I felt as if I was 6″ taller on the bike.  It was very awkward at the start.  After the first ride, the impact was obvious.  I was much more comfortable, especially on long rides.  Huge difference in my performance as well.  I’m now on a brand new Felt F4 and it’s about time to schedule another visit with Josh for a new fit.”
– Scott M., Acworth, GA

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