Rest in Peace, Cliff.

From e-mail group:

“I am saddened to confirm what many have heard.  Our friend Cliff Davis died early this morning.  I’m told that he collapsed early in the Tour de Cashiers ride of what appeared to be cardiac arrest and could not be revived.  Although he was riding the tandem with Lisa at the time, Lisa was not injured. As I hear more details, I will pass them along.  If you get information about arrangements or hear of any way we can assist the family, please contact me. I will spread the word among the many people who rode with Clif and valued his friendship.  And the many cyclists who love Lisa and will stand by her during this difficult time. Their two daughters, Molly and Anna, and Lisa’s parents are either with Lisa or on their way.  Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Keep Lisa and the kids in your prayers.  Cliff was a great guy, and will be sorely missed by those he cycled with and anyone whose path he crossed.  We lost a good one today.

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