Time for a Change

I’m not going to elaborate on it too much, but as of today, I’m no longer wrenching at Out Spokin’ Bicycles in Woodstock, GA. I have decided to pursue other directions in my life, and decided that staying at that particular place is not the best move for me right now.

I’m not announcing anything dramatic or spectacular in the works, but I do want to thank Kevin Poske for hiring me 5-1/2 years ago and taking a chance on me when I was at my lowest. I like to think I did a pretty good job helping to build his business and developing a good customer base at the same time. I want to wish him well with the shop in the future, even though I’m not a part of it.

I’ll keep this blog updated with what is going on with me and my career. I don’t have anything specific planned as of yet, so I think I’ll go get some miles in on the bike. There’s only better things to come, so buckle up and enjoy the ride with me!

Author: Josh Boggs

Sales Manager, Trek Store of Greenville - Board Chair, Palmetto Cycling Coalition - Board Member, Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association (PBMA) - Owner, PROBIKEWRENCH, LLC

3 thoughts on “Time for a Change”

    1. Thanks, Antonio! Long time, no see. Hope you are well, too, my friend. Right now, I’ve got a couple of training camps with Carmichael Training Systems lined up for August (Tour of Utah, USA Pro Cycling Challenge (Colorado)). Beyond that, I’m not sure what’s up. After almost six years in one place, I’m going to take a few weeks and make sure I don’t jump into anything prematurely. Keep in touch, bro.

  1. Good luck with whatever you end up doing next! For as hard as you work at the jobs you do I’m sure you’ll be very successful at what you do next! Hopefully you’ll be able to keep up your riding as you go along!

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