The Game Has Changed

I’ve been silent on the blog for over a year. My bike game has shifted a little, with my focus heading to the bike sales side of things instead of on the mechanic front. It’s been good, so far. I’m a pretty decent people-person, so it isn’t that hard to make the switch. I’ve always done sales at bike shops, just not exclusively. I’m digging it, so far.

As with all my inconsistent attempts at trying to write more, I’m going to promise to try and write more. It’s a good outlet to make some connections, and hopefully provide a little bit of useful information to folks. It’ll probably be more of the sales side of things, useful bike tips, or some things like that, but I plan on being a bit more frequent with it.

All my contact info can be found here, if needed: Feedback is welcome. Good talk… see you out there.

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