“I Can’t Really Tell What You Do…”

About a month ago, I sat in on a NBDA Webinar. Following the webinar, the host reached out to me to see if we could discuss his product and whether or not we could develop a business connection. The first line of his email read, “In looking at your site, I am not sure what you do beside attend PBMA trainings and help B.R.A write their uplifting blogs.” Although I think that’s a HORRIBLE way to lead off when making an introduction to a potential business connection, I totally understand where he was coming from. I don’t update this blog nearly enough, and I haven’t kept up to date with everything I’ve had going on over the last several years. I guess it’s probably time for an update on what’s been keeping me busy…

My Family, September 2021
  • Family – I got remarried in 2019, to my lovely wife, Jessica. That brought our two families together, for a total of 6 people in our household (the two of us, plus my two girls and her two girls). In January of 2021, our son, Andrew, was born. I never thought I’d have such a big family (or have a newborn after my 40th birthday), but here we are. Definitely staying busy with our crazy crew!
  • Trek Store of Greenville – The COVID-19 pandemic has been very good our business. While others were forced to stay at home and work remotely, we were overrun with new bike sales and service. In 20 years of working in bike shops, I’ve never seen a boom like this. I’m sales manager at the shop, so it’s been an interesting few years.
  • Palmetto Cycling Coalition – From 2002-2004, I served on the Board of Directors’ for the PCC. After traveling around between race mechanic work, moving to Georgia and back, and other time-consuming tasks, I joined the Board of Directors again in 2018. After a few good years of service, I stepped into the role of Board Chair in July 2021. My passion for bicycling and pedestrian advocacy has never been stronger. We look to make big strides in advocacy in 2022-2023, and beyond.
  • PBMA – The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association is an organization that I am extremely passionate about. For years, I have heard the repeated jabs of, “when are you going to get a REAL job?” A lot of people don’t regard the job of bicycle mechanic as a legitimate career. I would argue that it is a very important job, and have proven that you can make a living doing it. The goals of the PBMA is to promote the career of bicycle mechanics, develop them professionally, and advocate for better pay and benefits for bicycle mechanics around the world. I was chosen as the PBMA’s “Mechanic of the Year,” in 2007, and have joined the Board of Directors, as of July 2021.

In addition to those duties listed above, I have a few other side projects in the works, which should come to fruition in early 2022. Stay tuned for more updates…

Author: Josh Boggs

Sales Manager, Trek Store of Greenville - Board Chair, Palmetto Cycling Coalition - Board Member, Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association (PBMA) - Owner, PROBIKEWRENCH, LLC

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