Bahati: Out of Compton TV Trailer

National Champion cyclist Rahsaan Bahati, has formed a foundation to help underprivileged youth the opportunity to chase their dreams and follow his footsteps.  Here’s an excerpt from

“The Bahati Foundation works with local communities to provide inspiration, insight and opportunities for underprivileged youth through the sport of cycling. In conjunction with The Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team, Rahsaan Bahati presents his motivating story to youth and offers access to the team through structured fieldtrips. Each aspect of a professional cycling team is highlighted, explained and demonstrated to provide exposure into the world of cycling.”

Here’s a trailer for Bahati: Out of Compton, Season One (Rahsaan and the Bahati Foundation are doing a 3 season production deal to highlight the Foundation and Bahati Racing).  It’s really inspiring to see Rahsaan visiting his alma mater, Crenshaw High, and helping the kids who are pretty much written off by that neighborhood’s reputation and how society sees them.  Take a look:

To find the Bahati Foundation online, go to

To follow Bahati Racing, go to

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