Time To Fight.

It’s probably been pretty noticeable that I’ve been absent from blogging for the past week or so.  It’s been a bit of a rough week for myself and my family.  Here’s the story:

Late last week, my Mom went to the doctor.  She had been having some pains in her breast, which were attributed to cysts for the past year.  The pain had finally become so unbearable, she visited the doctor again to get them checked out and taken care of.  When she went to the doctor, they found something else in her breast, but weren’t sure what it was.  Tests were done and results were to come on Tuesday.

Tuesday rolls around and Mom calls me with the results.  She’s got breast cancer.  Specifically, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  I didn’t quite know what that meant at the time, but I knew that any type of cancer is a bad thing.  Mom said that the doctors had another appointment for her on the 29th to talk more about treatment and how they were going to proceed.

It was kind of a tough blow to get, but instantly, I switched from fear mode, while awaiting news of the tests, to fighting mode, once I knew what the diagnosis was.  I went to the downtown pharmacy, picked up a greeting card for Mom, and sent it, along with a LIVESTRONG bracelet to her, next day air.  She had specific instructions to wear the bracelet, for me, and that she was to fight this disease as hard as she could.

I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t shed a tear about this situation.  My Mom is one of my best friends in the world.  We’re extremely close and we talk on the phone almost every day.  She was my biggest supporter when I joined the Marines, and has supported me 110% in almost everything that I’ve ever done.  To think of the idea of losing her to a disease like this… it’s hard.  This is why we will fight.

Mom’s going to do some chemotherapy to try and shrink the tumor, as well as contain it.  She’ll probably be doing that every three to four weeks for about 4-6 months.  At that point, they’ll probably do surgery to remove the rest.  It really depends on how all that goes as to what happens, really.  It’s all up in the air.

In order to fight it on my own, I think I might do one of the LIVESTRONG Challenge rides to help raise money to fight cancer alongside other folks who have a passion for seeing an end come to this dreaded disease.  There are several locations for the ride, including Philadelphia and Austin, TX, and you have to raise some money to make it happen, but I think I’m going to give one of them a go and have my own personal fight, at the same time my Mom fights her battle.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Still wrapping my mind around this and trying to stay on task with work and stuff.  More to come later.  I’ll let everyone know where to donate when I get started with the fundraising.  Thanks.

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