SKS RaceBlade Fenders

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down…” I heard that somewhere once, but I’ve come to embrace it as of late. I started commuting to work by bike again, and I’m starting to see more of each of those while I’m on my bike. I can’t do anything about the Mondays, but I can fight the rainy days a little better when I use my SKS Race Blade Fenders.

The SKS RaceBlade Fenders come in two different sizes for different tire widths (RaceBlade, for 700×18-23c, and RaceBlade XL for 700×25-32c), and are affixed onto the bike by four small rubber straps per fender, for quick release situations. You also have the option of using zip-ties to attach them a bit more permanently, if you are leaving them on the bike for longer periods of time. Once the bracket is set to the right position on the frame, the plastic fender can slide in its bracket for different style frame designs and fits, allowing extreme adjustability and fit for almost any bike. The tight profile of the RaceBlade Fenders makes it very non-intrusive and keeps with the minimalist-type gear that most roadies crave.

If you’ve ever ridden behind someone in the rain, you are aware of the “rooster tail” effect of the water coming off the ground from the bike in front of you. If there’s nothing there to keep the water from continuously spraying you in the face, then you either have to ride twenty feet back, or ride to the left or right of the person that’s ahead of you. This does two things; it splits the group and kills the efficiency of the group, and it makes you ride farther out into traffic, becoming much more of a risk for you, and for the sometimes unaware driver traveling behind you. The benefits of the SKS RaceBlades for the individual are that they keep the bike slightly cleaner from road spray, and they keep the “rooster tail” effect from leaving a nice wet stripe up your back while riding. I know from first hand experience, the more water you can keep off your body in adverse weather conditions, the less miserable you will be.

The SKS RaceBlade Fender Set is a must-have for any cyclist facing a possible commute in the rain, or if you like to ride when there’s water on the roads. Rain and inclement weather has stopped me from riding before, but not as much, thanks to this product. These fenders are one of the best purchases I’ve made in the last few years, and are a great value at just under $60 for the pair. For more information about the SKS RaceBlade Fenders, please see, or check them out at most local bike shops.

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