CTS Amgen Tour of California Race Experience


Still in the process of getting back home, but wanted to say that the week spent with Carmichael Training Systems at the Tour of California was amazing! I had three great mechanics working for me, and we knocked it out of the park!

A special thanks goes out to Mike Hetrick (http://www.mrgoodbike.com, Gainesville, FL, @mikehetrick1), Steve Donovan (Turin Bicycles, Denver, @bikemechsteve), and Doug Chambers (Golden Belt Bicycle, Great Bend, Kansas). They made my job easy and have all become good friends, who I would LOVE to work with again.

The best compliment I got over the week was “I’ve been to several CTS camps, and you guys are, BY FAR, the best mechanic crew I’ve seen.” Makes you feel really good about your team and that, at least to that client, our mission was accomplished.

I’m going to do more detailed stage re-caps in the next few days, but I’ve got some catching up to do, and I’ve got another gig with Team Exergy next weekend on Memorial Day at USPRO Championships in Greenville, SC.

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