Cyclocross Worlds LIVE STREAMING VIDEO!!!

I had planned to attend the UCI World Cyclocross Championships in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, but life happened and things got crazy. I wasn’t going to be able to make the drive until after work today (Saturday), in order to catch the Elite races on Sunday. Then, the organizers changed all the races to TODAY, because the park where Worlds is being held is expected to be flooded by a major storm rolling through tonight, thus ending my plans to attend. Oh, well…

The next best thing to being in Louisville today is watching the races LIVE online! Live streaming video of today’s events starting at 9:30am: Lots of racing today! Tune in and cheer on the Americans!

Bike Magazine’s New Editor is…

… Joe Parkin.  The celebrated author of “A Dog in a Hat,” and seasoned professional road/mountain/cyclocross racer, has just taken the Editor’s position at Bike Magazine.

His first book was an amazing piece of work.  It was a great reflection of what actually happened in the drug-ridden European road racing scene, especially in the fast-paced world of Kermesse (kermis) racing.  Having always fantasized about racing on the cobbles of Northern France/Belgium, and training in the rain and under constant gray skies, just to give myself the designation of “flahute,” Joe’s book was a refreshing addition to my library of cycling books.

After becoming obsessed with Twitter, I discovered Joe Parkin is a user also.  If you get a chance, you should follow him there at  We’ve become casual Twitter-buddies over the last year or so.  I am constantly bugging him to hurry up with his elusive “Book #2,” which I heard is entitled, “Come & Gone.”  I can’t wait until it’s out… bound to be packed with a lot more of the same great writing that Joe’s first book had.  I’ve read that one three times while waiting for the new book.  Joe also writes frequently on his blog, “6 Years in a Rain Cape.” Good stuff.  Check it out if you want a good read or if you’ve got a question about the pro racing lifestyle.

I’m sure Joe’s work at Bike Magazine will be equally impressive, if not (dare I say it…) BETTER than the work he has published already.  Congratulations, Joe, on the new gig.  We’re all rooting for you.

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