Cyclocross Worlds LIVE STREAMING VIDEO!!!

I had planned to attend the UCI World Cyclocross Championships in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, but life happened and things got crazy. I wasn’t going to be able to make the drive until after work today (Saturday), in order to catch the Elite races on Sunday. Then, the organizers changed all the races to TODAY, because the park where Worlds is being held is expected to be flooded by a major storm rolling through tonight, thus ending my plans to attend. Oh, well…

The next best thing to being in Louisville today is watching the races LIVE online! Live streaming video of today’s events starting at 9:30am: Lots of racing today! Tune in and cheer on the Americans!

It’s Like Christmas… But Early!

After running some errands for work today, I got back and noticed a bike box sitting in the back of the shop with my name on it.  I was waiting for it, and it had finally arrived… my 57cm Masi CXR cyclocross bike that I’m testing for!

I was really lucky to get this one and hopefully, I’ll have at least a partial review done soon.  The GA State CX finals are this weekend and there is a race series in January in Rome, GA, too.  Plenty of options for testing in competition.

Now, to get off my lazy butt and put in a little speed-training to get ready.  Pictures and first impressions of the bike will come shortly.  It’s raining right now (and will be for a few days),  so I’ll test it when the sun comes back out and the ground dries up.  Can’t wait!

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