Team Wheeltags Training Camp

I had the privilege of hosting Matt and Kevin from Wheeltags for an impromptu training camp in Canton, GA, a few weeks ago.  They wanted to escape the near horizontal elevation of Carmel, Indiana, and try out some hills for a few days.  I was happy to oblige.

The first few days, I gave them some good rides to do on their own, allowing them to explore some of my favorite routes in northern Cherokee County.  On the Monday of their trip, I took them up to Dahlonega/Lumpkin County to check out the “Front Three” Gaps (Neel Gap, Wolf Pen Gap, and Woody Gap).

For some flat-landers, they didn’t do half bad on the hills I threw at them.  They also had some pretty sick examples of Wheeltags on their personal rides (gotta love eye candy!).

We had a great couple of days of riding down here.  Next time, I get to make the trip north to visit them for some good-old flatland riding.  Hopefully, they won’t put me in the “hurt locker…”  Thanks for the visit, guys.  See you soon!

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